• Specialist directed on-site & telephonic case management

  • Utilization review and management

  • 24/7 medical access for injured workers

  • Emergency room global pricing

  • Return-to-work programs

  • Highest quality statewide provider network of credentialed physicians and facilities

  • SpecialtyHealth endorsed panel of "primary access" clinics statewide

  • "Employer choice", our MCO network customized to meet your needs

  • Great Network discounts off the D.I.R. medical fee schedule

  • Network access via the internet, SpecialtyHealth.com

  • Super Specialist Panel for complex case reviews

  • Employer Internet case tracking system

  • Periodic team case reviews

  • Drug free workplace policy design & drug collection and testing

  • On-site Hepatitis A & B, flu, T.B. testing, etc.

  • Blood born pathogen training & other employer training programs

  • Cardiac health program

  • Safety and Case Management programs

  • Claim re-pricing

  • Pharmacy program

  • We work with self-funded and fully insured plans.

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