1. How is SpecialtyHealth different from other health care providers?

We practice utilizing evidence-based medicine. We have a unique product developed to give the very best of medical care to our patients without penalizing those providers that give this care by the use of deep discounts. Because of our unique product, not only are we able to give the very best of medical care to our patients, we do it with a significant savings to the employers.

2. Do you see group health patients as well as worker’s compensation patients?

Yes. Although we are primarily a worker’s compensation product, a large portion of our worker’s compensation patients request that their general health care be handled by SpecialtyHealth. As such, we contract with many group health products to product care for general health.

3. What are your office hours?

Medical services are available 24x7 through our afterhours service. This enables our patients to receive the very best in medical care without the expensive emergency room visits. Our office hours for follow-up care and general health care is Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at our Reno location. Call (775) 398-3630 24x7

4. Since you see acute workers’ compensation injuries, do you complete the Nevada state C-4 forms on these patients?

Yes. ALL patients seen in our clinics, complete a C-4 form. ALL C-4 forms are signed, as required by Nevada law, by one of our physicians.

5. I’ve heard you utilize Certified Nurse Practitioners. Is that true?

Yes. C-FNP’s may be utilized as primary health care providers. NPs have extensive training, licensing requirements as well as the State requirements of having a collaborating physician. Their collaborating physician and our medical advisors carefully monitor ALL of their care. SpecialtyHealth has also developed strict protocols for our NPs in providing care to their patients. (Link to What is a NP?)

6. I’ve heard that you do not take injured employees off work. Is that true?

Yes and no. Medical-based evidence indicates that most injuries are best treated by some activity. Also, our contracted employers are very active in their employees’ well being and provide light duty assignments. Therefore, in most cases, our health care providers will provide safe limitations and the employers work with the injured employees to accommodate these restrictions. We feel this is a win/win situation. The employee is able to safely return to employment, recovery is assisted with this safe activity, the employee remains gainfully employed and the employer is able to keep his valued employee. There are, however, some circumstances that medically require a patient to be completely off work.

7. I’m curious. How can I, as an employer or TPA, begin to utilize SpecialtyHealth for my injured workers?

As stated above, we contract with employers for our on-going worker’s compensation care. With an MCO contract, the employer receives MANY benefits beside our state-of-the art medical care. If you would like further information regarding a contract, please email us @ VaDonna Rivera , an attached link. Or, feel free to contact Specialty Health for a one-on-one discussion. We also have available our Super Specialist Panel to assist employers in those "difficult" or "stagnant" worker’s compensation cases. These contracts are available either through an MCO contract or as a separate contract. Again, you can investigate this further by contacting Specialty Health.

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